The joy of being outside on a beautiful day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

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Outlines of British fungology; containing characters of above a thousand species of Fungi, and a complete list of all that have been described as natives of the British Isles. By the Rev. M. J. Berkeley. on Flickr.

explanation of plates > .http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/78151#page/17/mode/1up
Publication info London,L. Reeve,1860.
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NCSU Libraries
BioDiv. Library

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photography: imagerake.tumblr.com

model: lacey field

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Not sure how I feel about these, but a lot of people have been asking for me to post my avatar. So here you go I guess.

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Zdzislaw Beksinski (24 February 1929 - 22 February 2005) was a renowned Polish painter, photographer, and fantasy artist. He was born in the town of Sanok in southern Poland. After studying architecture in Cracow, he returned to Sanok in 1955. Subsequent to this education he spent several years as a construction site supervisor, a job he hated. At that time he became interested in artistic photography and photomontage, sculpture and painting. He was a very sculptureartist artist, especially for one working in a Communist country. He made his sculptures of plaster, metal and wire.

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